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Quality Golf Products

Since 1994
We're In Our 23rd Year ... Serving Golfers Worldwide !

It's the only simulator surface that provides
100% REAL FEEL & 100% Accurate Launch Angles

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Innovative ... Accurate ... Affordable
Zero $0 Annual Renewal Fees!


Our Exclusive DivotAction™ Turf Surface
Natural Grass Surface Response and Real Feel
100% Accurate Launch Angles

TruGolf's E6 1.6 HD Graphics ... Multiple Play & Practice Modes

High Speed Verticle Launch Camera
Enhanced accuracy due to our DivotAction™ turf.
PLUS... Ball launch camera systems
typically cost thousands more!

Advanced Simulator System designed for all skill levels
A simulator for Beginners and Skilled Players alike.
It's the most affordable & advanced simulator system available.

STEP UP from those lower-cost, limited feature
simulators to ... Premier DivotAction™!

It's the only indoor simulator that features our trademark
DivotAction™ Sensor Pad Turf
100% REAL FEEL & 100% Accurate Launch Angles

Experience our exclusive "Natural Grass Feel" turf

HOME of the Original DivotAction™ Turf Surfaces ...
Available in our exclusive Premier DivotAction™ Simulator and Multi-Turf Practice Mats

+ 100% Accurate Launch Angles

+ Finally feel the ball coming off the club face

+ ZERO Shock + ZERO Bounce + ZERO Deceleration + ZERO Club Head Redirection

Premier DivotAction™ Simulator
Practice Mats

They are the FIRST Synthetic Turf surfaces available in golf that
FEELS like Natural Grass and provides 100% Accurate Launch Angles!

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Tracking During Play
Launch Monitor
Club Tracking Device
Club Tracking Device

Our Objective ...
Manufacture exclusive pro-quality, value-priced golf products ...
From Our Humble Beginning ... Our Products Are In Use All Over The Globe!

We offer a wide variety of professional golf practice products designed to add enjoyment to your golf game, while increasing your skills and other unique products that fit specific needs for your game.

Our featured products . . .
Premier DivotAction™ Simulator - Our exclusive new indoor golf Simulator features the only synthetic turf surface that feels like natural grass surfaces and produces 100% accurate launch angles for greater accuracy. All systems can be customized for your specific budget and need.
Plus, we can modify any system to fit your installation needs.
DivotAction™ Mats - A synthetic practice golf mat that performs like natural grass and is available in multi turf surfaces.
SandAction™Mat - The first of its kind, a synthetic device that gives the feel of hitting a golf shot from a sand bunker.
PositionTrack™ - Our newest invention. A portable tray device to reposition
popular portable golf simulators, like the GC2 by Foresight Sports and other
golf launch monitors ... affordable, innovative, and smart !Plus Commercial BentGreen™ - Practice Greens, both full size and portable customized sizes.
Personal Driving Range™ -  All commercial quality nets to full frame and cage systems.
Quality Golf Mats and Impact Golf Netting !

We also specialize in creating CUSTOM MAT SYSTEMS utilizing our DivotAction™ and SandAction™ Mat Systems for OWNERS of those high-end golf simulators ... we have been able to deliver what they have been unable to do ...
... they are great with virtual graphics, but we address and answer what the GOLFER FEELS in the real world !
(no bristle broom brushes, whatever the color (white brush is not sand feel) with our mat systems!)
Full Swing Golf™
High Definition Golf™
 DeadSolid Golf™
YES, We Customize
Those Famous
Golf Simulator's Mats ...
& make them better!
Plus ... Many More Famous Golf Simulator Systems ... CALL FOR DETAILS and QUOTE

Established in 1994

We Design and Manufacture Our Unique Golf Products Offering Both
Quality and Value !

Look for us at special events, tournaments, trade shows, as well as locations around Atlanta, Georgia and the southeast.

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